Anna Anthropy

#311 Innovating Themes with Anna Anthropy

Design Talk


Dirk and Kathryn Hymes meet this episode to talk with Anna Anthropy, digital and tabletop designer known for her prolific work with non-traditional themes. They discuss Anna’s career in game design, and her path into becoming an educator. Topics include why violence is an attractive game element, dealing with releasing art and it no longer being one’s own, one page games, and the absence of sex as a theme or topic.

Episode Outline

0:00 Beginning of Show

1:03 End of Intro

1:10 Who is Anna Anthropy

2:52 Anna’s Career Path

7:54 Why do you make games?

12:38 Why do we enjoy violence?

16:27 Why do you choose certain themes?

21:18 Feelings about Dys4ia

23:33 Releasing art

26:21 Design Process

29:01 How do you know when you’re done?

31:00 One Page Games

39:09 Explaining material reality to students

43:50 Why is sex so absent in games?

51:29 Advice for Listeners

51:42 Outro

52:49 End of Show

In this Episode

Anna Anthropy - Cohost @cyborgurl,
Kathryn Hymes - @chicalashaw,
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer

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