The Game Design Round Table is by game designers, for game designers. Since 2012 we’ve explored the art and craft of game design from the perspective of tabletop, digital, and role-playing games.

We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential, not just to make the world better but to make the design and even play of games better. As you may be aware, the game design community is predominantly made up of white males. We’re white males too, that’s OK. But, while all of our guests are brilliant and interesting game designers, we make a particular effort to bring you as diverse of a group of people as we can. This is better for us, for you, and ultimately for gaming.

We are currently publishing two series. One is on Designing Thematic Games, where we bring on the designers of many different types of famous thematic games, to talk about game design challenges in designing for theme. The second is with legendary game designer Soren Johnson and his new 4x game, 10 Crowns. Periodically we check back in with Soren in order to follow the design and development of 10 Crowns from early playtesting all the way through its eventual release. Other, new series’ will join these over time – as well as periodic one-off shows that bring back our alumni and past favourite guests.

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Dirk Knemeyer

Dirk Knemeyer

Producer & Co-Host

Dirk is a tabletop game designer primarily focused on games about history, science, technology, and business. His designs include the Tesla vs. Edison series of games, Einstein, and Tomorrow. Dirk views game design as an art form that lets him tell stories about the world. His favourite games to play include Diplomacy, League of Legends, and Puzzle Strike.

David V. Heron

David V. Heron

Producer & Co-Host

David is a digital game designer who has spent the last decade of his career focusing on games-as-a-service. His most recent project was Star Trek Timelines, a love-letter to his favourite television series. David has since shifted to working as a design consultant, helping several AAA studios adapt to live-op focused designs. His favourite games include Dungeons & Dragons, X-Com, and Dark Souls.

Skye Larsen

Skye Larsen

Producer & Editor

Skye Larsen’s first game got an A+ from his shop teacher, who seemed confused on what the game had to do with shop class but appreciated the effort anyway. Years later, Skye is applying similar effort and enthusiasm to his designs, but hopes his future games will reach a wider audience. He also plays tons of games—tabletop and digital—reads and writes poetry, and freelances as a copywriter and editor.

Kathryn Hymes

Kathryn Hymes


Kathryn is a co-founder of Thorny Games, an award-winning game studio out of Berkeley, CA. She specializes in analog play, particularly the tabletop RPG and LARP varieties. She collects board games in different languages. Previous Gen Con Industry Insider, regular conference speaker, bad theremin player.


During our 7+ years on the air we’ve been blessed with an incredible collection of co-hosts who helped bring TGDRT to life. They continue to do meaningful things in game design - and join us as guests from time-to-time as well. Click on their name to check out what they’re up to.

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Audio Engineer

Jon Shafer

Co-Founder & Co-Host

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