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#301 Design and Controls with Richard Lemarchand

Design Talk


Dirk is joined by returning guest host Soren Johnson in today’s episode in the Design Talk series. Dirk and Soren speak with Richard Lemarchand, distinguished game designer and now-professor most well-known for his work on the Uncharted series. Richard details his journey through his game design career, and the skills and processes he learned along the way. Special consideration is given to control design, and the importance of them on game feel and playability.

Episode Outline

0:00 Beginning of Show

1:19 End of Intro

1:34 Richard’s Journey into Game Design

10:59 Porting Process and Controls

24:19 Embodiment

36:08 Evolution at Naughty Dog

52:24 What Doesn’t Translate from Film

57:24 Advice for Listeners

57:21 Outro

1:00:54 End of Show

In this Episode

Soren Johnson - @SorenJohnson,
Richard Lemarchand - @rich_lem
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer

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