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#289 AI and Generative Content with Matt Kim

Industry Know-How


Matt, Creative Director for Inworld AI, joins Dirk and David to talk about the potential of generative AI to push the boundaries of what games can do. The three discuss how AI has developed, and what possibilities the technology may hold. Topics include the history of AI, how Inworld serves game developers, current practical uses for AI tools, and how player-driven experiences can be created to draw people together.

Episode Outline

1:37 Matt gives a high level overview of the history and differences in types of AI

10:00 Matt describes his role at Inworld and how Inworld helps game developers

13:02 Overview of the business model; how is this affordable for small creators?

14:40 How is generative AI different from procedural generation?

17:45 David describes his perspective of how AI tools might be used especially regarding cost

24:03 Matt discusses the strengths of generative methods and focusing on creating engines more than narrative content

28:10 Breadth vs. Width, and how players might tunnel in on certain characters and form a connection with them

29:17 Does Inworld know who I am? Data personalization integration with generative engines.

35:10  How we use AI Directors to get players to engage in content together?

38:45 Matt’s background in Software and Entertainment

40:58 How to get started with Inworld

42:45 Advice from Matt for podcast listeners

In this Episode

Matt Kim - @mattjinkim
David V. Heron - @davidvheron
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer

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