Andrew Navarro

#260 Diving into LCGs with Andrew Navaro

Genre Deep Dive


Andrew Navaro, a card game veteran from Fantasy Flight Games and now his new studio Earthborne Games, joins Dirk and David to talk about card games. The bulk of the discussion focuses on his time working with the wide variety of LCGs produced by Fantasy Flight. Topics include discussions on production timelines, what makes LCGs different from the similar CCGs, and set design. The conversation wraps up with Andrew talking about the design and inspirations for his new card game Earthborne Rangers.

Episode Outline

1:25 A basic intro to LCGs, which Andrew Navaro worked on at Fantasy Flight

12:23 An overview of what the design and publishing process might look like for LCGs and CCGs

18:55 How the tight timelines of an ongoing card game can introduce design and balance mistakes

25:58 Talking a bit about set design and set themes

31:35 Several specific design lessons from Andrew’s time at Fantasy Flight

55:53 Andrew talks about his current game, Earthborne Rangers, a customizable cooperative card game

In this Episode

Andrew Navarro - @earthbornegames
David V. Heron - @davidvheron
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer

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