#215 Tabletop RPGs and Streaming with Adam Koebel

Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer
David Heron – @DavidVHeron
Adam Koebel – @skinnyghost,

Episode Outline
– 00:28 A brief history of tabletop RPGs from Adam
– 04:59 “Dungeons & Dragons vs literally anything else”
– 07:13 The creation of Dungeon World
– 10:03 How the timing of Dungeon World affected the game’s marketing approach
– 14:55 What’s influencing the current TTRPG climate, including production and distribution.
– 17:51 How do TTRPG creators avoid plagiarism?
– 22:42 How similar mechanics can help players attach to a new idea quickly
– 24:16 Finding the “poetry layer” of an RPG system
– 26:37 Adam’s approach to streaming his design work
– 29:55 How streaming game design resembles playtesting
– 31:06 Using streaming platforms to get your work out there
– 35:16 Can making indie TTRPGs be a viable career?
– 39:49 Adam names a couple cool indie TTRPGs doing cool things right now

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