The Game Design Round Table is a podcast by game designers, for game designers. Our mission is to impart knowledge, inspiration, and insight that helps anyone interested in game design to improve their craft. In the process we are learning just as much as our guests and listeners are.

Meet our rotating team of hosts, who have decades of experience in digital and tabletop gaming.

Cole Wehrle

Cole Wehrle is a full-time game designer working at Leder Games in Saint Paul. Though these days most of his projects deal with fantastic woodland creatures, he’s got plenty of creative baggage from his years as an academic. His previous games concerned subjects like the collapse of the British East India Company and the Opium Wars. All of his games have been nominated for the Golden Elephant, and his first game design, Pax Pamir, was nominated for a 2015 Golden Geek Award, which is not bad for a game about 1820s Afghanistan.

David Heron

David has been designing both digital and tabletop games for over 15 years. Currently he is leading teams to make great mobile games played by over 100 millions people. He loves strategy games and playing table top rpgs.


Dirk Knemeyer

Dirk is a tabletop game designer whose designs include the Tesla vs. Edison family, Einstein, and Tomorrow. He tries to tell stories about real-life themes, primarily relating to science, politics, and industry. His favourite games to play include the Civilization computer games, Diplomacy, and Puzzle Strike. He lives with his family in the Boston area


Harrison Pink

Harrison is a professional digital game designer (and amateur tabletop designer). He has worked on a variety of games including Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, and Hangar 13’s Mafia 3. He loves games that tell a story, or enable the player to tell their own. His favourite games are Riven, Doom and Bastion.


Kathryn Hymes

Kathryn is a tabletop and live action game designer at Thorny Games, an indie game studio out of San Francisco that makes quirky and thoughtful games about math and language. She’s published titles like Dialect, Sign, with more on the way. By day she’s a product manager with experience working on lots of playful game-inspired technology like Slack, Foursquare, and Facebook.


Rob Daviau

Rob has been designing board games for 19 years, including designing (or co-designing) Pandemic Legacy, Risk Legacy, Heroscape, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Risk 2210AD, Seafall, Star Wars Epic Duels, and the upcoming Mountains of Madness.