Ryan Laukat

#299 Worldbuilding with Ryan Laukat

Genre Deep Dive


Dirk is joined by Ryan Laukat, designer, illustrator, and co-founder of Red Raven Games, for the second installation in this series on worldbuilding. Ryan discusses his introduction and path into game design, the creation of Red Raven Games, and different methods that can be used to worldbuild. Topics include the importance of maps, how storybooks are utilized, the benefits and drawbacks of mixed medium board games, and branching narratives.

Episode Outline

0:00 Beginning of Show

1:01 End of Intro

1:34 About Ryan Laukat

8:23 Maps in Worldbuilding

14:07 Using Storybooks

21:21 Using Quests to Worldbuild

23:56 Tabletop vs. Digital

25:44 App-Enabled Games

29:59 Branching Narratives

33:26 Advice for Listeners

35:42 Balancing Theme and Function in UI

38:10 Arzium

40:11 Burnout and the Future

43:39 Advice for Listeners Pt. 2

45:03 Outro

45:58 End of Show

In this Episode

Ryan Laukat - @ryanlaukat, @RedRavenGame
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer

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