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#290 Sustainability in Games with Carlos Flores and jess Metheringham

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Carlos Flores, director of NABERS, and Jess Metherigham, chair of Unlock Democracy, join Dirk in discussing the Green Games Guide, a resource geared towards  sustainability in games, and the reality of what it takes to make a game truly sustainable.  Topics include real-world concerns of environmental policy, what options are available to companies both large and small, the expenses involved with making a sustainable game, and transitioning consumers into new materials and product quality.

Episode Outline

1:28 Carlos Introduces his background in environmental work and game design

 3:10 Jess introduces her background in environmental policy and her forays into game design

5:24 What can we as individuals do about climate change and the environment?

14:15 Why is Green important in gaming, and what is the guide attempting to do?

20:00 How to get people in the industry big and small into using better practices?

29:25 How do you make the transition from high quality plastic minis to cardboard stand-ups, and similar comparisons?

35:48 Environmental impact isn’t just one thing; assimilating different points of view and concerns.

38:54 Social Sustainability and how environmentalism exists within real world contexts

40:24 Four Principles part 1: Paper and Cardboard

43:50 Four Principles part 2: Plastics

50:18 Four Principles part 3 recap: Box and Packaging

51:34 Four Principles part 4: Choosing the right materials

54:20 Advice for listeners

In this Episode

Carlos Flores - @CarlosFloresLen
Jessica Metheringham - @QuakerDissent
David V. Heron - @davidvheron
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer

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