Graham Moore

#288 Augmented Reality in Games with Graham Moore

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AR game designer Graham Moore joins Dirk and David to talk about his work merging tabletop wargaming with augmented reality technology. Topics discussed include how AR can benefit wargaming, the balance of information clarity and tactical decision making, and how things like variable setup options and additional data can help gamers feel better about victory and defeat. Graham also talks about the experience of working with his son on their game project and offers some advice for game designers.

Episode Outline

1:11 Graham talks about the basics of his work with augmented reality

8:12 How does AR technology benefit tabletop wargaming?

12:56 Graham’s experience with miniature gaming

21:37 How do the different technologies in AR interact with one another? How is info shared and displayed?

28:00 What makes a good tactical decision? How much complexity is needed?

33:14 How variable setup and visible data can allow war gaming to contextualize victory and defeat

42:50 Some more details on Graham’s AR game project, and what it’s like working with his son

51:45 Final piece of advice from Graham for designers

In this Episode

Graham Moore -
David V. Heron - @davidvheron
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer

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