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#280 Bianca Canoza Talks ARC

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Bianca Canoza, also known as Momatoes online, joins David and Kathryn to discuss her pathway into games, the lessons she’s learned, and the Southeast Asian RPG community. Bianca talks about different games she’s worked on, from the Honey Heist-inspired Capybara Capers to the tense, doom-defying ARC to the contemplative There Is a Light at the Edge of the World.

Discussion also covers online communities and the Across RPGSEA site, which features Southeast Asian games.

Episode Outline

1:10 Bianca gives a brief overview of who she is and talks about the Diana Jones Emerging Designer award.

2:30 Talking about Bianca’s entry into game design, starting with an adaptation of the popular Honey Heist TTRPG.

4:19 A discussion on ARC, a high-stakes, impending doom-driven role playing game with a real-world timer.

9:13 Bianca talks about the joy of making sure theme and mechanics synergize well in her designs.

14:47 Discussing in more detail the timeline and development of ARC, and how feedback was incorporated.

19:21 Advice for RPG designers on finding online communities, and discussing the Across RPGSEA site she maintains.

30:42 Letting your system go as a designer, and letting play take precedence.

33:13 What’s Bianca’s latest play-by-post game, There Is a Light at the Edge of the World, all about?

39:55 Talking about Bianca’s relationship with art and the relationship between art and game design in general.

42:03 Bianca talks about the growth she hopes for, and works for, in the Southeast Asian game design scene.

In this Episode

Bianca Canoza - @momatoes,,
David V. Heron - @davidvheron
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer
Kathryn Hymes - @chicalashaw,

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