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#273 Dave Scott Talks Everyday Heroes

Designing Thematic Games


Dave Scott joins Dirk and David to discuss the upcoming tabletop roleplaying system Everyday Heroes, a revived and updated version of the old D20 Modern system. Dave discusses how he worked with a team of game designers to create rulesets for a system and roleplaying space that has fascinated Dave for years. One topic is a deep dive into the problems with chase mechanics in RPGs and how those mechanics are handled in Everyday Heroes. Another big discussion point is how Dave and the team decided to give the game a more cinematic feel and capture the action hero stereotypes without straying into superhero status. Finally, Dave talks about what the design process for his team looks like right now and how they utilize a group of hundreds of playtesters effectively.

Episode Outline

1:11 Dave Scott introduces his relationship with tabletop gaming over the years and his entry point into making a game

4:30 The general concept and influences of Dave’s upcoming TTRPG Everyday Heroes

7:18 Talking about the pros and cons of adapting a more well-known system like D&D 5E versus a brand new RPG system

11:16 Discussing the difficulty of chase mechanics and how Dave’s team handled that for Everyday Heroes

18:52 The history of Everyday Heroes as a concept and how Dave was able to finally bring it into being

28:05 What types of characters are Everyday Heroes trying to bring to life? What does a game session or campaign look like?

37:39 A little bit about Dave’s professional background as a computer scientist, marketer, and entrepreneur

40:01 What’s the current status of Everyday Heroes and what’s planned for the crowdfunding launch?

48:17 Dave’s advice for designers, which is adapted from some lessons working with large, successful companies

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Dave Scott - evilgeniusgaming.com
David V. Heron - @davidvheron
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer

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