Lauren Ino

#271 Lauren Ino Talks The Season

Designing Thematic Games


Lauren talks to Dirk about her Regency era game, The Season. She gives a lot of background on the Regency romance setting and the Georgian Era in general. She explains how elements of her game reflect its historical setting. Lauren also talks about her experience with the Zenobia Awards competition and how it helped inspire her to finally follow through on a design she’d been thinking about for a long time.

Episode Outline

 1:10 Lauren talks about the Regency setting for her game The Season

12:02 How The Season’s game mechanisms interact with the game’s themes, and why she chose the theme for the Zenobia Awards

24:25 Some of the changes to the game that happened after the Zenobia Awards, and what aspects Lauren is proud of

34:35 Are there any issues that Lauren hasn’t yet been able to solve in The Season?

43:44 How the Zenobia Awards inspired creative thought for completely new designers, and what other games Lauren might be in Lauren’s future

 51:02 Final design advice from Lauren Ino

In this Episode

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