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#255 First-time Designer Skye Larsen Talks Paperback Adventures

Design Talk


Show producer Skye Larsen joins Dirk and David to talk about his first published design, Paperback Adventures. Topics include the balancing act that comes with mashing genres together, the path that led to Skye’s debut design, and the collaborative nature of the project. The discussion also covers some nitty gritty design topics, from the card-splaying mechanic to some of the inherent strengths and limitations for a solo board game.

Episode Outline

1:07 A summary of what Skye’s debut design, Paperback Adventures, is all about

4:25 How did the surprising game genres of Paperback Adventures come together

8:27 Maintaining the balance between competing game genres

13:38 The team effort on design at Fowers Games, and some catch-up on the games that preceded Paperback Adventures

18:31 The benefits and drawbacks of making the game collaboratively and building off of older games

23:28 Skye’s role at Fowers Games

26:43 A deep dive into the splay mechanic, how it came into Skye’s game and how it might fit best into other games

34:35 How the word game elements play differently in Paperback Adventures

40:25 Analysis Paralysis as a consideration in solo game design, and the current tabletop solo game market

47:12 Handling game balance and development for a solo game (without player intervention helping with balance)

53:52 Lessons from Paperback Adventures, and specifically from a first-time designer who finally “broke through”

In this Episode

Skye Larsen - @robthesky_games,
David V. Heron - @davidvheron
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer
Skye Larsen - @robthesky_games

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