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#247 Tabletop Game Development with Brenna Noonan

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Brenna Noonan, a tabletop game developer, joins Dirk and David to discuss the role of game development in the board game industry. She explains the differences between a designer and developer, and she shares how developers can help improve a game’s balance, scope, and player experience. Dirk and David also ask her about her path into the industry and what skills should be honed for good game development.

Episode Outline

01:23 What is tabletop game development and how does it differ from design?

04:21 What development is like when Brenna is also wearing other hats like marketing, editing, and art direction

08:01 Some typical development needs for both firsttime and mature designers

14:05 How Brenna’s development company fits in with game publisher’s budgets

17:51 Working as a kickstarter management and some kickstarter dos and don’ts

24:27 When is a game ready for development, and when is a game done with development?

30:27 A discussion on game design and development credits

37:00 Vetting the people you work with and the importance of contracts in a relatively small, friendly industry

41:11 Do developers wish they were the designer instead?

44:00 Brenna’s path to board game development, and what skills developers should develop

49:30 How did Brenna end up in Australia?

In this Episode

Brenna Noonan - @brennanoonan,
David V. Heron - @davidvheron
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer

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