#245 Listener Questions August 2020

Listener Questions


Kathryn joins Dirk and David to discuss the recent Rob Daviau episode as well as answer listener questions. In response to Daviau’s design axiom, the trio discusses the role of memory in the games they design and play. Then the hosts proceed to answer listeners’ questions. Those questions include: how to help characters avoid picking a playstyle they’ll hate later, whether the hosts plan to work in the VR space, what the exact process is for incorporating an established IP, and how IP affects the character rosters of MOBA games. 

Episode Outline

00:57 Discussing the role of memory in games and approaching memory as a game designer

19:08 Question from the Shawn Main episode: how to help players choose a character or playstyle that they’ll enjoy?

26:58 A listener question on whether any of the hosts will look into designing games for VR

33:20 Based on a listener question, the hosts discuss the nuts-and-bolts process of making IP games

48:26 A question from the MOBA series brings up the role of IP again, particularly in terms of character casts.

In this Episode

David V. Heron - @davidvheron
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer
Kathryn Hymes - @chicalashaw, thornygames.com

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