#238 Round Table on How Different Game Mediums Handle Edge Cases

Design Axioms


Kathryn once again rejoins Dirk and David to discuss the last few episodes of the podcast. The trio talks about the differences in edge cases between TTRPGs, board games, and video games. Then they move on to discuss the merits of the axiom: if the player doesn’t see it, it might not exist. The group rounds out the discussion chatting about their familiarity with the 4x genre as well as MOBAs and why Kathryn, Dirk, and David all enjoy watching esports.

Episode Outline

00:54 A thorough discussion about Sen-Foong Lim’s axiom: design edge cases out of the game.

19:28 Talking about Tanya X. Short’s axiom: if the player doesn’t see it, it might not exist.

35:36 Each cast member’s experience with MOBAs and particularly their interest in MOBA esports.

45:50 Chatting about why Dirk’s and David’s interest in playing 4x games has waned over time.

In this Episode

David V. Heron - @davidvheron
Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer
Kathryn Hymes - @chicalashaw, thornygames.com

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