#184: Narrative Designer Edwin McRae

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Edwin McRae –,
Harrison Pink – @gilespink,
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer

#231 Tim Fowers Talks Burgle Bros 2

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Tim Fowers, a guest on the show in 2016, returns to talk with Dirk and David about designing heist games. He discusses the thematic and mechanical design decisions made in both the original game as well as his upcoming sequel. Other topics include hybrid games, sequels versus expansions or new editions, and the burgeoning Tabletop Network Conference.

#229 Round Table on the Essence of a Theme

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Kathryn rejoins Dirk and David to talk discuss the past few episodes in the Designing Thematic Games series. The trio talks art budgets, terminology, and thematic mismatches. They also answer listener questions about designing around themes. Much of the discussion explores the distinction between an essence of a theme and the broader theme itself.

#226 David Dunham Talks Six Ages

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Dirk speaks with David Dunham, the designer of Six Ages and its predecessor, King of Dragon Pass. These narrative strategy games, built from the Glorantha universe of Greg Stafford, use specific mechanics to invoke the theme of clans and struggling to survive and form a foothold in a mythical world. 

#224 Scott Nicholson Talks Escape Rooms

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Dirk and David discuss escape room design with Scott Nicholson, a game designer and professor who has studied escape rooms extensively. Scott talks about the predecessors to escape rooms, the thematic threat of ludonarrative dissonance, and the importance of asking “why?” with every component of a game’s design.

#192 Engineering Game Design with Aljernon Bolden

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Aljernon Bolden – @AljernonBolden,
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer
Harrison Pink – @gilespink,

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