#216 Playtest Groups and Guilds with Tony Tran

Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer
Skye Larsen – @robthesky_games
Tony Tran – @tonymakesgames

Episode Outline
– 00:31 Tony’s and Skye’s experience with tabletop game design
– 02:48 Tony’s game design guild in Nashville
– 04:14 Tony’s experience with a larger game design group in Boston
– 05:47 Skye shares his experience with his guild in Utah
– 07:35 The key benefits of playtesting your games with a guild
– 12:05 Avoiding “group think” when playtesting with the same people
– 17:24 The contrast between Tony’s and Skye’s guilds’ approaches to first playtests
– 20:38 Coming to a tabletop group with a video game design perspective
– 24:06 The biggest personal benefit of joining a game design group
– 27:38 Benefits of meeting face-to-face for playtesting
– 29:55 How could Tony’s and Skye’s guilds do better?
– 33:23 Some tips for better feedback from fellow designers

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