#214 Game Themes with Will Thompson

Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer
Will Thompson – @AbsurdistProd,

Episode Outline
– 00:29 An introduction to GMT games and the controversy around Scramble for Africa
– 04:48 Why colonial themes are so common in games (and other media)
– 06:24 The public shift in perspective on colonial themes
– 02:06 Will’s experience grappling with portrayals of indigenous cultures and his Cherokee heritage
– 11:00 Making sure the stories that aren’t getting told get told
– 13:34 Examples of games that tell indigenous stories
– 17:23 Comparing public reception of a game like Monster with a game like Potlatch
– 21:57 Making meaningful games while respecting marginalized groups
– 28:25 How authentic and inclusive games might reach a larger audience
– 30:45 Elaboration on Will’s work with educational video games and his company Absurdist Productions
– 32:34 Will’s ongoing attempt to blend 4X games with indigenous themes

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