#213 Carla Kopp, Kickstarter and Big Easy Busking

Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer
Carla Kopp – @WeirdGiraffes,

Episode Outline
– 00:06 Intro and format explanation
– 00:40 Being a designer and a publisher
– 01:36 Intro to Big Easy Busking
– 02:45 Signing Big Easy Busking as a publisher
– 03:48 Changes made to the game after it was acquired
– 08:28 Naming Big Easy Busking
– 10:41 Why the first Kickstarter was cancelled
– 12:09 A bit on the structure of their small publishing company
– 14:15 What’s changed since the Kickstarter was cancelled
– 16:59 How have crowdfunding expectations changed?
– 18:31 Moving past a cancelled campaign, and what gave Carla confidence.
– 21:03 What sets Big Easy Busking apart/designing a solo mode
– 23:05 Another game published by Weird Giraffe: Dreams of Tomorrow

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