#211 Slay The Spire – A Designers Deep Dive with Anthony Giovannetti

David Heron – @DavidVHeron
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer
Skye Larsen – www.alkanaur.com
Anthony Giovannetti – @MegaCrit, megacrit.com

00:24 Why was dungeon crawl selected for this game?
01:17 What were the influences that took part in so many different genres being part of Slay The Spire?
02:33 Combo control decks: Where did all the card draw come from in Slay The Spire?
06:15 When a players run ends, it unlocks new cards. What were the design reasons for this game mechanism?
07:55 Was there ever a moment where there was going to be less synergetic decks?
12:09 Was it in the master plan to have one schiv discard? Or did it happen naturally?
15:06 What are the design reasons for having each card having its own place and not necessarily having equal power?
17:53 Why are over powered ok in this genre?
19:34 Was card usage data tracked during the beta?
21:17 During a beta build a new character was introduced that was so different than other earlier builds. Where did that come from?
25:50 What was the cost of having a weekly build?
29:17 What are the reasons for adding the Daily Climb?
33:20 How procedural is the ability to look ahead in maps?
36:10 How did the decision to end the game in the fourth act come about?

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