#210 Listener Questions from SaltCON with Skye Larsen

Cole Wehrle – @colewehrle, cole@leadergames.com
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer
Skye Larsen – www.alkanaur.com

00:22 Welcome Skye Larsen, Tell us about SaltCON
01:52 How big is SaltCON
02:08 Why type of convention is SaltCON
03:19 Why might someone want to attend a tabletop convention?
06:05 The Night Cage – How do you parse good and bad advice?
13:38 What are the efficient ways to learn about all the different game mechanisms?
18:20 What about mechanics on the video game side?
20:02 Do you know any specific game references for alt history and/or time travel games?
27:11 How do you build a crowd from scratch, when it comes to crowd funding?
37:47 How do you know when something you’re working on, is ready to pitch?
42:26 What steps do you take to go from idea to game? How do you focus on one thing when you’re constantly getting new ideas?

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