#208 Game Designer Jennifer Scheurle

Jennifer Scheurle – @gaohmee, gaohmee.com
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer

00:09 Introduction of Jennifer Scheurle
00:28 Jennifer talks about the game Earthlight
01:30 How about the VR user experience of Earthlight?
03:53 What was is like working with NASA?
08:42 Is there a particular interest in space themed games?
10:05 How has Jennifer’s role as a designer changed, moving from a small studio to a large studio?
12:24 Any advice for solo indie designers who are thinking about moving to a larger team?
14:07 What about hidden mechanics in games?
15:49 What are some of Jennifer’s favorite hidden mechanics in games?
19:16 What are some pitfalls of in-game mechanics?
22:37 Objects in Space: How was the process of working on hardware along with the game?
27:48 What are the biggest challenges in game design education?
32:17 Terms: Art and Artists
33:54 What advice does Jennifer have for aspiring game designers?

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