#207 Emily Grace Buck

Emily Grace Buck – @emilybuckshot, ko-fi.com/emilybuckshot
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer

Reddit – reddit.com/r/TGDRT/

00:26 Emily tells a little about her background in game design
02:40 Emily’s start in the games industry
06:53 How did Emily get into narrative games?
08:08 How do you craft meaningful stories while still giving players agency?
10:44 An example of a particularly hard problem faced on a past project
13:03 In what ways do game mechanics and player interaction impact game play in a positive way?
15:36 Buckshot Interactive’s funding model
20:06 How can one contribute support?
21:39 What current games most excite Emily at this time?
23:00 What advice does Emily have to people starting out in game design

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