#206 Jon Shafer of Conifer Games – At the Gates

Jon Shafer – @JonShaferDesign, atthegatesgame.com, forum.conifergames.com
David Heron – @DavidVHeron
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer

00:05 Welcome Jon Shafer of Conifer Games
01:31 At the Gates in out and has some cool features
01:51 At the Gates elevator pitch
03:08 Jon has worked on this since 2012, how was it working on it that long?
05:05 David’s memories of his perspective of Jon starting the game
06:16 Where did the motivation come from?
06:47 The source for the clan feature
09:32 First drafts sometimes start as ‘a pile of mechanics’
10:48 Iteration is essential
11:51 How was the game steered away from micromanagement?
16:39 What are the systems that allow players to develop high level strategies in a short, repeatable time frame?
18:53 What are some indicators that would show a player they’re on the right track for their approach to play?
20:38 How do seasons play into the game play?
23:36 Are there any systems where Jon is unsure about because he’s breaking new ground?
29:30 What’s next for Jon Shafer?
30:28 Where can listeners follow the development of At the Gates?
31:26 How has it worked out, deciding to provide transparency to the design process?
33:44 What games might be next for Jon?

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