#201 Tim Burrell-Saward and Smart Speakers

Tim Burrell-Saward – @tburrellsaward
David Heron – @DavidVHeron
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer

Episode Outline
– 00:06 Welcome Tim Burrell-Saward
– 00:27 What does a product designer do?
– 01:47 Company: Sensible Object – What is it about?
– 04:18 How has the game Beasts of Balance done in the market?
– 06:53 Why develop a boardgame AND video game. That seems very complex
– 10:20 What are the challenges in creating an analog/digital experience?
– 12:17 What is the next game Tim is working on? … it involves smart speakers
-15:15 What is the marketing and distribution like on When in Rome?
-17:42 With When in Rome, how did they handle variations where certain components were removed?
– 20:49 Alexa only cross-platform?
– 20:22 What is it like to port between digital assistant platforms?
– 23:19 What are the challenges for designing for a smart speaker platform?- 25:33 What’s coming next?



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