#197 Megagames with Ben Kanelos and Leslie Loy

Ben Kanelos – @bkgamedesign
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer
Leslie Loy – leslie.loy@westcoastmegagames.com, westcoastmegagames.com

Episode Outline
– 00:22 What is a megagame?
– 01:20 What is the upper limit of the number or players?
– 03:28 What about the player to administrator ratio?
– 04:51 A megagame described.
– 07:46 Mega Board Game vs megagame
– 09:33 What is it like to facilitate a megagame?
– 14:32 How are the rules both strict and modified on the fly in a megagame?
– 17:09 How the social aspect of megagames comes into play.
– 19:17 How do you find out about megagames?
– 22:13 How is technology used in megagames?
– 23:28 How does one get started with playing megagames?
– 25:04 What can new gamers expect with playing a megagame for the first time?
– 27:48 Are there areas of a megagame where a more introverted person can find a place?
– 30:07 Final thoughts

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