#195 Game Designer Alex Roberts

Alex Roberts – @muscularpikachu, helloalexroberts.com
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer
Harrison Pink – @gilespink, harrisonpink@gmail.com

Episode Outline
– 00:19 A little information about Alex Roberts
– 01:19 How did Alex’s Kickstarter work out?
– 01:27 Information about Alex’s project; design, who is it for etc.
– 02:54 What is the goal of the game?
– 04:33 How does the idea of fixing a relationship translate to a mechanical process
– 08:00 Is there a statement being made about relationships?
– 09:00 How did Alex get a start in game design?
– 12:51 What are a couple meaningful design projects that Alex worked on?
– 18:50 How does it work to write the idea first then design game around that?
– 21:28 What did Alex do before game design?
– 24:09 Differences between live-action design and table top gaming
– 27:35 What is coming next from Alex?
– 30:41 Advice from Alex for aspiring designers

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