#194 Kickstarter Results and Listener Questions

David Heron – @DavidVHeron
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer
Rob Daviau – @robdaviau

Episode Outline
– 00:14 Fireball Island Kickstarter campaign update
– 03:44 What does the success of the Kickstarter campaign mean for Restoration Games?
– 06:00 What are the selection criteria for bringing and old property back to life?
– 08:55 For others thinking about starting a Kickstarter, what are some tips?
– 14:00 Is this a new role for Rob?
– 15:27 Listener Question: Are there ‘Hooks’ that game designers use, like a hook in a song?
– 19:28 How can you achieve replayability?
– 25:00 How do bigger companies sometime fumble around the idea of replayability?
– 27:13 If you want to be a game designer, make sure you consider what the publishers needs may be
– Board games as three act plays
– 35:03 How do you end and game?

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