#192 Engineering Game Design with Aljernon Bolden

Aljernon Bolden – @AljernonBolden, harebrained-schemes.com
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer
Harrison Pink – @gilespink, harrisonpink@gmail.com

Episode Outline
– 00:06 Introductions
– 00:18 About Aljernon
– 01:10 Aljernon describes a recent night of gaming that turned out to be a bit emotional in regards to a game character.
– 03:53 How did Aljernon get started in him gaming career?
– 05:18 How does Aljernon’s role as an engineer fit into a game design environment?
– 06:45 How does Aljernon’s role fit into Harrison’s experience?
– 08:56 How does Hairbrained Schemes’ approach work in terms of system vs. narrative design?
– 11:14 What is the core experience of the games Aljernon works on?
– 14:24 What are some of the challenges with moving a game from pen and paper to a digital format?
– 18:28 Aljernon talks about his experience at Full Sail University.
– 20:26 Aljernon gives his thoughts about learning game design as a craft.
– 24:59 Aljernon asks about studying from a design perspective.
– 29:19 How can game designers use Twitch to be more successful?

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