#183: Listener Questions with David, Dirk and Rob

Rob Daviau – @robdaviau
David Heron – @DavidVHeron
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer


In this episode, David, Dirk and Rob finally get back together to catch up on each other’s projects and answer listener questions.

Episode Outline

  • 00:11 The group is back together again – it’s been a while. David, Dirk and Rob catch up with what they’ve all been up to.
  • 07:55 Listener Questions
  • 08:12 Opinions on the rise of game engine marketplaces.
  • 11:49 What is the ideal listener profile where a game engine would be useful?
  • 13:48 Any particular game design books that are recommended?
  • 20:34 David takes the question back to design, in general, and think of philosophy of design.
  • 23:19 Math models and how they are created.
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