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#215 Tabletop RPGs and Streaming with Adam Koebel

#215 Tabletop RPGs and Streaming with Adam Koebel

Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer,,
David Heron – @DavidVHeron
Adam Koebel – @skinnyghost,

Episode Outline
– 00:28 A brief history of tabletop RPGs from Adam
– 04:59 “Dungeons & Dragons vs literally anything else”
– 07:13 The creation of Dungeon World
– 10:03 How the timing of Dungeon World affected the game’s marketing approach
– 14:55 What’s influencing the current TTRPG climate, including production and distribution.
– 17:51 How do TTRPG creators avoid plagiarism?
– 22:42 How similar mechanics can help players attach to a new idea quickly
– 24:16 Finding the “poetry layer” of an RPG system
– 26:37 Adam’s approach to streaming his design work
– 29:55 How streaming game design resembles playtesting
– 31:06 Using streaming platforms to get your work out there
– 35:16 Can making indie TTRPGs be a viable career?
– 39:49 Adam names a couple cool indie TTRPGs doing cool things right now

Episode #78: Streaming and Live Development with Brad Muir

Episode #78: Streaming and Live Development with Brad Muir


Dirk and Soren talk to Double Fine’s Brad Muir about streaming the development process and interacting with fans. Listen in on how to walk the fine line between listening to your fans and still steering the ship while working in an open development environment.

Contact Information

Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer,,

Soren Johnson –,, @sorenjohnson

Brad Muir – @mrmooear,

Episode Outline

  • 0:00:58 – Streaming at Double Fine

  • 0:10:24 – Civ IV’s early access

  • 0:17:03 – Unexpected benefits

  • 0:31:15 – Other streaming developers

  • 0:37:11 – Kickstarter and fundraising

  • 0:49:31 – What’s next for Double Fine

  • 0:52:30 – Soren’s project