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Episode #126: Collaboration

Episode #126: Collaboration


Dirk, David, and Rob get together to confirm that no person is an island, especially when it comes to game design. Collaborating with others can be challenging but also rewarding, sometimes allowing partners to bring out the best in each other. David describes his collaborations at work while Dirk and Rob talk about collaborating with others and the importance of eating with your coworkers.

Contact Info

Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer,,
David Heron – @DavidVHeron
Rob Daviau -@RobDaviauGamer,

Episode Outline

  • 0:01:18 – Collaboration

  • 0:08:10 – Opinions on interface design

  • 0:13:30 – A Dirk/Rob case study

  • 0:22:24 – Working on your own

  • 0:27:10 – Collaboration tools

  • 0:38:42 – Equality in collaborations

  • 0:49:28 – Types of projects that work well with collaboration