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#210 Listener Questions from SaltCON with Skye Larsen

#210 Listener Questions from SaltCON with Skye Larsen

Cole Wehrle – @colewehrle,
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer,,
Skye Larsen –

00:22 Welcome Skye Larsen, Tell us about SaltCON
01:52 How big is SaltCON
02:08 Why type of convention is SaltCON
03:19 Why might someone want to attend a tabletop convention?
06:05 The Night Cage – How do you parse good and bad advice?
13:38 What are the efficient ways to learn about all the different game mechanisms?
18:20 What about mechanics on the video game side?
20:02 Do you know any specific game references for alt history and/or time travel games?
27:11 How do you build a crowd from scratch, when it comes to crowd funding?
37:47 How do you know when something you’re working on, is ready to pitch?
42:26 What steps do you take to go from idea to game? How do you focus on one thing when you’re constantly getting new ideas?

Episode #131: David Somerville and Trove

Episode #131: David Somerville and Trove

Dirk and David talk to game designer David Somerville about his game Trove and experiences publishing his first game. David shares his insights as far as community management, how to hand things over, and pitching your games. Other David shares that he really, really wants to be a cave.

Contact Info

Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer,,
David Heron – @DavidVHeron
David Somerville – @thisistrove

Episode Outline

  • 0:00:18 – Dave’s background

  • 0:02:31 – Trove: The Crystal Caverns

  • 0:13:04 – Staying current while designing

  • 0:15:21 – Getting set up with a publisher

  • 0:26:20 – Earlier games

  • 0:39:18 – Advice

  • 0:51:28 – Pitching your game

Episode #99: Stuck in the Ditch

Episode #99: Stuck in the Ditch


Sometimes a game design just goes off the rails. Scope creep, overly-ambitious ideas, a loss of focus… these can be devastating to any project. Dirk, David, and Rob Daviau talk about how a game can get off the right path and what can be done to get it back on track.


Contact Information

Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer,,

David Heron – @DavidVHeron

Rob Daviau -@RobDaviauGamer,


Episode Outline

  • 0:00:17 – Seafall

  • 0:03:38 – Design by committee

  • 0:18-14 – Assessing the state of a game

  • 0:32:25 – Big games vs small games

  • 0:42:23 – Patching and hotfixes

  • 0:50:38 – Examples

  • 1:00:03 – Advice for getting out of the ditch