#185: Game Designer Cole Wehrle

#185: Game Designer Cole Wehrle


In this episode, David and Dirk speak with game designer Cole Wehrle. They discuss Cole’s work and how to find balance designing games with deep historical and cultural context.

Cole Wehrle – @colewehrle , www.boardgamegeek.com
David Heron – @DavidVHeron
Dirk Knemeyer – @DKnemeyer, artana.com, dirk@artana.com

Episode Outline

  • 00:07 Welcome Cole
  • 00:40 Sierra Madre Games
  • 02:46 Appreciating Games even if not completely enjoying them
  • 03:37 How Cole got his first game published
  • 06:39 Information about the game John Company
  • 09:00 John Company vs Greed
  • 10:23 Challenge vs Academic and how it manifests in Coles new game
  • 16:37 Are these post-colonial games?
  • 18:16 When you find the gap, how do you map the act of playing the game that can close the gap?
  • 23:04 What is the impact of Cole’s games within the gaming community?
  • 29:23 Specificity and a players experience with the content
  • 35:01 Cole’s Kickstarter
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