#168: Emily Care Boss

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This week, Dirk and Kathryn welcome veteran game designer Emily Care Boss to the show. Emily has a long history in designing RPG games and making tools available to players to challenge their views and expand their gaming horizons. Some of her games encourage players to examine uncommonly represented topics, such as romance and sexuality.

#167: Chelsea Howe and VR

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Dirk and David are joined by Owlchemy Labs’ Chelsea Howe to talk about Virtual Rick-Ality and the new frontier of VR. Chelsea’s involvement with VR goes back to her days at EA and she continues to be on the forefront of development for this new platform. Chelsea describes what it’s like to develop and port games for VR and gives Dirk a pop culture lesson on Rick and Morty.

#166: John Harper

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Dirk and Kathryn are joined this week by designer John Harper, the mind behind Blades in the Dark. John’s transition to full-time developer has been helped by his fans that support him via Kickstarter and Patreon – this following allows him to fully concentrate on his multi-disciplinary craft and continue to release free, hackable material.

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